split 7" w/ Bureau Brats

Maximum Rock & Roll #206 July 2000
Punk Rock from Delaware that ain't MILLENIUM FALCON-- I'm intrigued already. TRAILER PARK RIOT offers up two songs of gravelly-voiced, up-tempo, toe-tapping punk rock, like much less-slick and-way-more-metal LEATHERFACE. My short attention span would have enjoyed shorter songs, but that's a matter of taste. The BUREAU BRATS, after their epic intro, launch into a song that sounds like an emo/metal/hardcore band in it's infancy (that's a good thing). They then follow with two much more basic fast pissed hardcore songs that leave me wanting more of either style... I bet they're gonna smoke in a year or two. (WN)

Chord - Nov 2000
Skate rock is back. Remember the days when C.O.C. were still punk and the FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL and VERBAL ABUSE were household names? Well, lets pray those days return. If anyone can do it though, TRAILER PARK RIOT can. Hopefully all the sissy new school skaters will put down their TUPAC records and buy this. T.P.R. play fast and mean much like early C.O.C. with a DWARVES feel. This is one of the most refreshing bands I've heard and seen in a long time. the BUREAU BRATS style is very similar and rocks just as hard. I guess there is music in DE. Who would have guessed.
(independant release)
review by jamie davis

Vaccum S.F. vaccuumsf.com July 2000
Starts low, but it doesn't take long for them to blow the doors off - raw, distorted punk that has a hardcore edge - cool . (timojhen)

Nosebleed 17 nosebleed17.com Sept 2000
This is a split album featuring Trailor Park Riot and Bureau Brats, both out of Delaware. First up are two songs from Trailor Park Riot who can be best described as "melodic old school skate punk", I think that fits them very well. The songs, "Losin' Control" and "Number 9", are both pretty fast-paced and very punk oriented. They have some good melodic rhythms, and vocals that are very deep and rough, almost scratchy sounding, which provides a cool contrast that sounds really good. The last three tracks on the album, "Hatchets," "Gravedigger," and "Somthing To Prove," are done by the Bureau Brats, a four peice band, with more of a high pitched vocal element. Their sound is very guitar oriented with a fierce sound heavily influenced by the punk and hardcore scene. Honestly, I am not very much into this genre of music (reason for the score, strictly personal preference of genre!), and never have been, but the songs on this album I like more than a lot of other stuff that is out there. If you are into this sort of thing, I would certainly check it out. The 7" is awesome, very clear red, and nice art work and pictures too.

Nosebleed17 Rating: 6/10