People always staring like I got a disease
as far as I'm concerned they can all go to hell
always criticizing everything that they see
just one look and you're condemning me

college kids on mommy's dime
business men who bide their time
Newark pigs protect the streets
from ordinary people like you and me

I look in my head I look in my heart
and they both say the same thing
I talk to myselves and we all agree

people hate people it's a fact of life
thanks to misconceptions and stereotypes
we cant get along cause we dont make sense
we'd rather spend our time puttin up a fence

I can't stand the way they view me
I hope I'll never be that way
I can't stand the cold-ass, old-ass, stares
I saw so many times today

I used to be so fucked up
didn't hear a word that they said to me
I didn't hear you what, what?
peace out? What did you say to my back...?!
I used to be so violent,
...that you can't say to my face
I used to be so all alone
What do you think of me now?

Words and Music by Trailer Park Riot
Copyright © 1997-2000
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