I never cared much for the kids at school,
that's not to say I didn't try
I started hating by the seventh grade
I wanted everything to die

if you could see inside of me
I'd tell you now you turn away
if you could somehow read my thoughts
I'd scare you with the things I didn't say
I'm feeling better now
the failed attempts to purify my mind
just served to build me up
and make me stronger every time

I never got into activities
I spent my time all by myself
I found my solace in some substances
I have no interest in my health

but I won't squeeze into a mold
I've never been the one to do what I was told
your single file has got to go
I'm older now, I'd show you how I made it
but I haven't got the time

Looking back on bitter years
trying to find the root of fear
never had a day without isolation
sift through faded memories
I'm infected with disease
never did a thing without provocation
I could never understand
pain I couldn't comprehend
thirteen years of mental devastation
got to find a way to make it stop

Words and Music by Trailer Park Riot
Copyright © 1997-2000
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