Kickin' ass
and skating pools
broken glass
and broken rules

I'm sick and tired of all your whining
I got no time to see you sucking shit and crying
I sick and tired of all your bitching and complaining
you're so afraid to be alive

Kickin' ass
*beer is flowin and you know we're feelin right*
and skating pools
*bargin' sessions like we come here every night*
broken glass
* we're rippin' faster cause we never miss the beat*
and broken rules
*you fuck with us and you might just get to bleed*

If I had the chance I would destroy you
Trailer Park Riot gonna rip this pool apart
got no fuckin time to criticize you
If you skate, skate hard

million miles an hour when you're droppin in
one foot on the board and one foot in the grave
one more precious lungfull as I draw it in
one more beat of my heart

Words and Music by Trailer Park Riot
Copyright © 1997-2000
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