Lamb of God – Hourglass

This is the mother of all box sets. The Lamb of God- Hourglass anthology comes in several variations, the largest of which is a super box set containing an actual guitar. I designed every piece of this extensive set.

Outer Sleeve – CD holder

Volume 1 – CD cover

Volume 2 – CD cover

Volume 3 – CD cover

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Mentality – Xray

X-ray skateboard design for Mentality Skateboards in Houston, TX. The 1st release of 4 designs I have created for them.

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Lamb of God – wrath tour

Official ‘wrath tour’ shirt design for Lamb of God’s fall 2009 tour with Metallica, and some dates with Gwar. Available from the band throughout the tour.

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Congregation Yr. 4

Year four fanclub shirt and patch designs for Lamb of God. This design is exclusive to their fanclub, The Congregation.

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Slayer – Psychopathy Red

The official tour shirt design for Slayer’s “World Painted Blood” tour July 2009. Based on their new single ‘Psychopathy Red’. Available from their merch table/tent on the tour.

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Revzilla Motorsports

Apparel design for motorsports company, Revzilla. “El Moto Diablo” Available from

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Chris Adler signature snare

Design for signature series Chris Adler snare, released by Mapex USA. Customized to Chris’ specifications, and featuring my artwork.

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Lamb of God – Wrath

Packaging design for Lamb of God’s fifth full-length studio album ‘wrath’. Standard jewel, softpak, and deluxe box versions.

Wrath is the sixth studio album [counting BTP] by American heavy metal band Lamb of God. It was released on February 23, 2009. It achieved #2 on Billboard 200, with sales exceeding 68,000 in its first week. As of 2010 it has sold over 202,000 copies in the United States. -wikipedia

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