Congregation – Year 8

The year eight design for Lamb of God’s fanclub ‘The Congregation’. 1-color shirt design, 1 color patch design and 2 color die-cut sticker design.



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Snailface Inc. card

Eyeball illustration and business card design for Newfoundland Canada’s Snailface Inc.

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Aline Logo

Logo design for Lancaster, PA punk rockers Aline (pronounced ‘align’). This is a satire of an old beer emblem. The type style was culled from a vintage coaster.

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Easy Creatures – Block

Logo, trademark symbol and band photo treatment for Philadelphia’s Easy Creatures.

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Pinstruck Tattoos – website

Website design for Pinstruck Tattoos. This site utilizes WordPress for content management which features a rich backend. The client is able to update their site from a WordPress app on their phone or directly from the web. This site also features automatic Facebook posting. Each time the client posts a new tattoo, it automatically creates a corresponding post on their company Facebook page.

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Congregation – Year 7

The year seven design for Lamb of God’s fanclub ‘The Congregation’. 1-color shirt design, 1-color patch design and a 2-color diecut sticker design.

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Hellyeah – Band of Brothers

Artwork for Hellyeah’s album ‘Band of Brothers’. The album was released on July 17, 2012, on the label Eleven Seven Music.




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Angerkill – Slave

Tshirt design for Texas metal band Angerkill based on their song ‘Slave to the Eucharist’. I think the five color ‘neon’ color scheme really stands out and calls to the bands thrashy feel.

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Benchmark Skateboards – Logo Deck

Script logo and deck design for Benchmark Skateboards in Australia. They wanted a versatile monochromatic design that could be adapted to a number of different colorways for decks and merchandise.

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Saspent logo

Logo design for Turkish metal shredders Saspent.

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Lamb of God – Victorian Crest

Victorian crest design for women’s tee. Available from the band’s merch table throughout the Resolution touring cycle.

Pinstruck Tattoos – shirt

Three color tshirt design “Derby Winner” for Pinstruck Tattoos in Newark, Delaware.

Shown on AA 50/50 Men’s tee.

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Mentality – EEG

EEG skateboard design for Mentality Skateboards in Houston, TX. The 2nd release of 4 designs I have created for them.

Here is pro rider, skateboard instructor and Mentality owner Dan MacFarlane holding the EEG deck.

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Guitar World – 2page Poster

Poster design for lamb of god published as a 2page pullout in the March 2012 issue of Guitar World magazine.

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Mummies – painting

Portrait of a group of mummies at rest in the catacombs. Mixed media.

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Mummy – painting

Portrait of a single mummy at rest in the catacombs. Mixed media.

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