Lamb of God – The Duke EP

CD and LP packaging for Lamb of God’s The Duke EP (Nuclear Blast). I designed this artwork closely with the band’s singer Randy Blythe. The concept is a bit of a departure from their usual asthetic, as it is meant as a kind of memorium. The story of ‘The Duke’ is eloquently told on the band’s website.

Lamb of God - The Duke EP 2

Lamb of God - The Duke EP 3

Lamb of God - The Duke EP 1

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Logo illustration for Dom Hess, a developer from Minnesota. Dom let me have free reign on the concept for this. He encouraged me to have fun with it.

dom logo design 1

dom logo design 2

dom logo design 3

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Pulling Punches Logo

Pulling Punches is a melodic hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA. Intelligent songwriting and a great live show set these guys apart. The logotype is a custom stamped piece. The Join or Die snake is ‘projected’ on to the letterforms. The versatility of this logo lies in overlaying different woodcut style graphics to match the mood of their releases and projects.



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Clobbersaurus – 5 Songs EP

Cover art for my own band Clobbersaurus from Newark, DE. We describe ourselves as Prehistoric Punk Rock, and have been playing together for almost 15 years.


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Dead Label – Throne of Bones

Cover artwork for Dead Label’s Throne of Bones on Nuerra Records. Dead Label is a killer metal band from Ireland. We wanted to create the actual ‘throne of bones’ to complement the title and title track of the album.


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Roses and Vase

‘Roses and Vase’ is an abstract experiment – watercolor on paper. 8.5 x 11. I am particularly happy with the motion and ominous mood this seems to have.
I have 8×10 and 5×7 matted prints available. Please contact me if interested.


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Heritage Guild – Crest Shirt

This is a two-sided crest shirt design for The Heritage Guild in Easton, PA . The Heritage guild sells firearms, archery equipment and operates firing ranges. This tshirt is available for purchase from their website.



This image showing the printed back design, on a black shirt, is from The Heritage Guild Facebook page.

This image showing the printed front design, on a heather gray shirt, is from The Heritage Guild Facebook page.

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Vintage Halloween Card

I designed this version of my “Medusa Skull” to look like a vintage Halloween postcard. The offset color plates, distressing and palette choices add to the effect. Have a Happy Haloweeen! No matter how far away it may seem!

The Medusa Skull design is available from StoneFly Custom Vinyl as a 1-color diecut window decal


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Custom Family Crest

This design was commissioned by a family looking for something a little different for their family crest. We designed the elements from the ground up, including a falcon and tiger to represent the heads of the house. There are also floral elements representing their heritage. The key and acorns symbolize fidelity and strength.



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Victory Boy Logo v2

Another logo design for Pennsylvania thrash pop maniacs Victory Boy. This is a stacked remix of a stamped logo I created for their last EP packaging.




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Lamb of God – Sturm Und Drang

Artwork for Lamb of God’s 7th studio album “Sturm Und Drang”. This artwork uses sculpture and photo techniques to create a surreal feel. The elements were created by had from plaster, fabric and clay as well as found vintage objects. As usual with Lamb, I created the cover art as well as the entire packaging layout.


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