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Lamb of God – wrath tour

Goatsnake shirt design for Lamb of God’s 2009 Wrath Tour.

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Congregation Yr. 4

Year four fanclub shirt and patch designs for Lamb of God’s fansite The Congregation.

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Slayer – Psychopathy Red

The official tour shirt design for Slayer’s “World Painted Blood” tour July 2009.

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Revzilla Motorsports

Apparel design for motorsports parts supplier, Revzilla from Philadelphia, PA.

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Dead Man’s Hand

CD cover / t-shirt illustration for Pennsylvania metal band Dead Man’s Hand.

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Congregation Year 3

Year three ‘Congregation’ fanclub shirt for Lamb of God.

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Blacken the Cursed Sun

Multi-color tshirt design, ‘Blacken the Cursed Sun’, for Lamb of God.

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Lamb of God – Congregation

Design for year two of Lamb of God’s fan club ‘The Congregation’.

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