CD Packaging

Lamb of God – The Duke EP

CD and LP packaging for Lamb of God’s “The Duke” EP.

Clobbersaurus – 5 Songs EP

Five Songs in Six Beers cover art for my own band Clobbersaurus from Newark, DE

Dead Label – Throne of Bones

This is the cover artwork for Dead Label’s Throne of Bones on Nuerra Records.

Lamb of God – Sturm Und Drang

Artwork for Lamb of God’s 7th studio album.

Manifest – …And for This We Should Be Damned?

Created a cover illustration for Norwegian metal rippers ‘Manifest’.

IKILLYA – Vae Victis

CD artwork for New York City’s IKILLYA. ‘Vae Victis’ will be released April, 29 2014.

Hellyeah – Band of Brothers

Artwork for Hellyeah’s album ‘Band of Brothers.

Lamb of God – Resolution

Artwork for Lamb of God’s sixth studio album, Resolution. Released January 24, 2012.

World Lost – Empowered

CD Packaging design for Delaware metal band World Lost.