My name is Ken Adams. I was born and raised in Northern Delaware where I’ve lived and been drawing most of my life. I make a living as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator under the name ‘K3N’. I am probably best known for my extensive work with the Grammy-nominated heavy metal band ‘Lamb of God’, though I have worked with hundreds of companies, organizations and bands over my career.

My Art

I’ve never had to look too hard to find things to influence me, but some of the biggest influences on my art have been: 50’s and 60’s “rubber monster” movies, The Simpsons, Pushead, Salvador Dali, Dr. Seuss, Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden cover artist), Hieronymus Bosch, Tim Burton, Edward Gorey, National Geographic, Starblazers, the A-Team, Atari 2600, Thrash Metal, Akira, The Mac, WWII Propaganda, Industrial Design of the 30’s and 40’s, Soviet Iconography, skateboard art of the 80’s, Jim Henson / the Dark Crystal, George Lucas and the first three Star Wars movies, Classic Marvel and DC Superhero comics, H.R. Giger / Aliens, Area 51, punk rock flyer art, the Millenium Falcon, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.

Other Interests

When I’m not designing graphics I’m probably spending time with my wife Maggie, woodworking, snowboarding, working on my house, riding my bike, or playing guitar and singing with my band Clobbersaurus.